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Ramakrishnan Lab

A Creative Multidisciplinary Lab working on the development of lab-on-chip technologies to tackle the pathogenesis of secretory proteins in age related disorders.

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The Ramakrishnan Lab connects basic research questions in exocytosis, exosomes, and SNARE proteins for biomedical applications.


Synapse on a Chip

Our synapse on a chip model helps dissecting the pathology of neurological diseases and aging.



Our lab aims to dissect the molecular mechanisms of exocytosis and how they alter in the disease.


Exosome Engineering

We aim to the engineer exosomes for diagnostics and targeted drug/gene delivery.


Organ on a Chip

Our goal of in vitro microfabricated organs-on-a-chip to replace animal models.

Recent Publications

Join Us!

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic, talented undergrad students, PhD students, and postdocs, from a wide range of backgrounds, including engineering, protein biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, physics, biophysics, and computer science Our research page provides additional insight into the various projects undertaken in our lab. If the sphere of lab-on-chip technologies, specifically dealing with neurons and membranes, stirs your enthusiasm, feel free to send us an email.



Drug Delivery